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Wine tradition

In Romania vine-growing, as well as wine production, are traditional activities, going back in time as far as the Dionysiac cult. The cult of Dionysos has its origins on the shores of the Danube river, where the Geto-Dacians, the ancestors of the Romanians, were already dedicated to the cultivation of the vines as stated by the historian Xenopol. From several historical testimonies, when Dacia has been occupied by the Romans, the conquest has been represented symbolically by coining the “Dacia Felix coin” presenting on its face a woman holding two children, one having in his hands a cluster of grapes and the other a bunch of wheat.
With the passing of centuries, a more accurate selection of the quality and of the area of production, together with the improvement of the winemaking skills have led to a wide recognition and acclaim of Romania, as a wine country of major value and importance.
Romanians are a Latin and not Slavonic people, and in typically Latin style, wine plays an important part in traditional food and drinking culture.