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Wine law

Romanian Wine Laws
With the strategic policy of joining the European Union, Romania has recently brought in line with the E.U. Regulations ( R –CE no. 1493/1999 and 753/2002) its wine laws.
The wine law no. 2443/2002 , with the technical regulations no. 1134/2002, which regulates the industry and stipulates the oenological practices and techniques , recognize three categories for still wines:
1. Table Wines;
2. Quality Wines:
*VS - quality wines with geographic denomination, also known as “Country Wine”, or “ Vin de Pays”;
*DOC - high quality wines with a controlled appellation of origin (grapes with min. 180 gr. sugar):
- DOC - CMD: Harvested at full maturity ( grapes with min. 187 gr. sugar);
- DOC - CT: Late harvest ( grapes with min. 220 gr. sugar);
- DOC - CIB: Noble harvest ( grapes with min. 240 gr. sugar and noble rot);
3. Special wines.
The wine law provides the existence of three regulating bodies : O.N.V.V. - National Office for Vine and Wine ; O.N.D.O.V. - National Office for Wine Appellations of Origin and The State Inspection for the Technical Viticultural and Wine Control.