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Romania is a major wine country, with rich historical and cultural traditions, undergoing today deep changes: on one hand, the private wine-growers are returning to the cultivation of their so-loved and, unfortunately forgotten vineyards and, on the other hand, the industry is engaging in a major program of capital investments, with a new approach, switching the focus from mass-production to high quality.
Romania lies within the same latitudes as France - the 45th parallel crossing Bordeaux and Dealu Mare wine regions - with a coastal region on the Black Sea, Bulgaria to the south, Serbia and Hungary to the west, Ukraine to the north-east and Moldova to the east.
The location, the historical and cultural traditions, the temperament of the people are ingredients, which contribute to the potential for fine wines of Romania.
The continental climate of Romania, with hot summers and cold winter, is alleviated by the local moderating factors: the Black Sea, the Danube and the height of the Carpathian Mountains.
The soils are varied: basically stony and well-drained around the Carpathians, more alluvial and sandy in the coastal area and in the southern plains.
The climate, soil and sun exposure are the factors determining successful vine growing and the quality of the wines.